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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SO, this is the last post for this blog..............

I turned out to be a bride..............

ups and downs....................

guess it was a false alarm..............................

after more than a year of being apart, we got married in a beautiful destination wedding on 10/10/10.

{sigh} Life, sometimes, happens unexpectantly...............

But I'm extremely happy and I thank you all for coming along for the ride.........................

Thursday, November 5, 2009

7 Random Facts! :-)

I did this a few months ago and just kinda felt like reposting!

So here goes my seven random facts!

1) I am obsessed with the action of speedometers turning to a "thousandth". From back in the day when they would "roll over" to now when they change digitally, I love when the speedometer is on an even number in the thousands. it's gotten so bad that my friends will pull off to the side of the road and take pictures with their camera phones & text them to me to make my day. I get so excited when mine rolls over! There is something magical when it says 43,000. hahahaha
Photo Source

2) I love hospital food! Absolutely love it! When I was little I used to beg my parents to take me to the hospital to eat hospital food when all the other kids wanted to go to McDonald's. Even to this day, I don't like a whole lot of seasoning on my food and prefer hospital food. Photo Source

3) I am a shark fanatic. I belong to seven different organizations that are for shark protection and preservation. Sharks are not horrific creatures, they just get a bad rap. Even the guy who wrote the movie jaws, has now spent his life trying to educate people on this amazing animal. I'm not surprised they come inland to try to feed with all the trash and pollution we dump in the ocean, millions of pounds a day. Cruise ships just sail out a little ways (only 3 miles to be exact) and open the hatch and there ya go! I'm not surprised sharks are hungry enough to bite since we are extremely over fishing and robbing them of the food and resources they need to survive. They have been around since the age of dinosaurs so I doubt they are not going to use their survival skills to continue to exist. Plus, people kill these creatures to make soup out of their fins and throw the rest of the body away. The killers don't even recycle it to "half-way" justify the killing! They just freakin' kill them! We treat the oceans like God will just give us another one when we finish abusing this one. But I digress. Not cool, not cool at all people!Photo Source

4) I usually keep about 3 jobs at a time. I am not sure if I am afraid of commitment or what but I do not want to just have one main job and leave it at that. However, I usually keep about three different gigs that all take different talents to give me some excitement and variance to life. Maybe, it's a generational thing. I know lots of people my age that are like me. Photo Source

5) I HATE shopping, any kind of shopping, especially clothes and groceries, even if it's with YOUR money. E'nuf said!Photo Source

6) I love to take pictures. By no means am I a photographer or am I good at it, but I love it. I truly believe a picture is worth a thousand words. Plus, looking at pictures, helps you develop analytical skills, creativity, reasoning skills, and a whole host of other things that are good for you. Photo Source

7) I have a terrible memory/I'm a "post-it note" queen. people even buy me post it notes for Christmas and my birthday. This "random fact" kind of stems from number 6. That's one reason why I take so many pictures. Because my memory is bad, I need proof that it happened the way you said it did. Photo Source's been a minute!

Yea, it's been a while since I've written a blog post. I must admit, facebook has been getting all my social network love and attention for the last few months.

However, I've decided that I want to come back to blogging. Can't a girl change her mind? Sheesh! LOL

So a lot has happened since the last time we talked. Shortly before I started this blog, I'd called off my wedding and thought this would be a good outlet and release. However, as it turned out all I wanted to do was mourn in private and didn't feel like blogging one bit.

Well, fast forward six months and you get a fresh chick with a new outlook on life. God is good. He takes good care of me and comforts me in my time of need. LIFE IS GREAT! I've moved forward with career goals, went back to school, moved into a fabulous apartment, travel at least once a month, started back up my business and continued to stay active in church.

Although I am no longer a bride-to-be, I fell in love with wedding "stuff" during my planning stage and every once in a while, I will post some things here that I run across that I'd like to share. I'll also post some new sewing creations I come up with, new recipes I want to try (and succeed), travel excursions and good times with friends and family.

So, thanks for being apart of my space..............................

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am all for Bridal Shows that are free!!!!!


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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just passing on another fun event!!!! The Merry Mixer!

Have you always wished you could have a wedding that would be so much fun it would make all your friends jealous?

Would you like to hear all your guests say "WOW that was the best wedding reception EVER" ?
The Merry Mixer
Thursday, March 26th---- 6pm-9pm
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Then get ready for a NEW kind of bridal event. You'll sip champagne (if your at least 21 of course), enjoy passed Hors D'oevres from A Divine Event catering, sample delectably delightful treats, and dip things into the chocolate fountain.
You and your friends will mix and mingle and meet some of Atlanta's top wedding professionals. No high pressure sales tactics, just the information you need to help you plan the perfect wedding.
Enjoy the great music from Atlanta's Best DJ, and yes it's ok to dance.
Get there early for more chances to win fantastic prizes.
As if THAT weren't enough, special guest Peter Merry, author of The Best Wedding Reception...Ever! will be there signing copies of his new book and will give a lively presentation on how you can have The Best Wedding Reception...Ever! For more details on the book click here:
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To purchase tickets and for more information go to: Tickets are $15-bride; $25-guest.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Searching for Groom-zilla!! is on a search to find North America's biggest Groomzilla. That's right, a groom who is taking control on every aspect of the wedding and wants to make decisions on everything from the main course to the accent color of the bridesmaid dresses. So if you're a self-professed Groomzilla or a bride who is finding her groom fits the bill, they want to hear from you.

For full contest details and instructions on how to enter click here

Winners will receive:

First Place - all expenses paid honeymoon, a 4 day / 3 night Luxury Included® Honeymoon to any of the twelve Sandals Resorts located in Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia and The Bahamas (airfare not included)

Second Place - $1500

Third Place - $1000

Contest closes April 17, 2009 so don't delay. Enter the contest today for your chance to win.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fireworks, fireworks everywhere...........

So, as a bride, I wanted to have a fireworks show!

Photo Credit
That was going to be my splurge item. I didn't really care about the dress, cake, or food as much as I cared about having a fireworks show, a good DJ, and lots of dancing and fun.

Here are three companies that I requested quotes from in the DFW (Texas) area.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

For those of you who may not know about wedding fireworks, there are lots of options that you can chose from in order to incorporate "pyrotechnics" (I was informed that this is the proper term) into your special day.

Photo Credit

Here are some of the options:

photo credit

  • First Kiss Fireworks“You may kiss the bride.” - What better to follow these words than a one-minute finale? A barrage of colorful aerial bursts fill the sky behind the bride and groom as the photographer captures this picture-perfect moment. Instantly, this becomes a wedding to remember forever.

  • Your Delightful Display - After the reception dinner, everyone walks onto the balcony for a champagne toast to the bride and groom. After a few kind words, a beautiful fireworks display begins. While sipping champagne, large gold willows and red chrysanthemums grace the presence of you and your guests.

  • The Elegant Exit - The dinner and dancing are over. Everyone lines the exit door as the bride and groom walk to their limo. The couple are driven down the long driveway, and towards a gold, glittery, and elegant aerial display. To everyone’s surprise, every 20 feet, a 12-foot gold fountain of sparks rises into the air as the limo passes.

photo credit

Here are some things that you have to be sure of:

Decide if you want an indoor or outdoor display

You have to get a permit, insurance and licensing.

You have to coordinate with the fire department

You have to have enough space and hire security for the equipment

Firework choreography

The timing of the show can save you money. If the fireworks don't move as quickly, they won't cost as much. Hence, your four minute show could cost less that someone else's because you went in 30 second intervals instead of 15 second intervals.

photo credit

For those of you who do not have a lot of planning-patience, you may not want to go this route because there are a lot of people involved and it seemed to be pretty time consuming to get it all together.

However, for me, it seemed well worth it! Maybe if I start saving now, I can afford the full fledged show by the time God brings my KISA (Knight In Shining Armor) into my life.

Unless otherwise noted, All photos and info courtesy of North Texas Pyrotechnic Productions, LLC